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Matafax+ is a gentle and bomb-proof Arabian stallion who started his traning and show career late in life. In his first horse show with limited trainng, he was Scottsdale Top Ten Country English pleasure and 2nd- 3rd-3rd on the cards. He went on to win Region 4, Regin 5, and Region 17 Amateur Country Championships and a Canadian National  Top Ten in his first year of showing, with an Amateur riding who had not shown or ridden an English horse in 20 years, and first started riding again on the hunter below less than a year before after 20 years not riding/showing.  This goes to the point of how forgiving and easy this horse is, and what he accomplished. He achieved all but 1 Legion of Honor points in this first year of showing.  His current trainer, Mary Trowbridge, belives that he can go English or Country as his trot is big, and he has room to do more.

If you are looking for a horse who is easy to ride fun and can win, this is the horse.  Even the most timid rider will find that Matt a real pleasure horse!



When I moved from Shanghai China to Vancouver Canada, I went to Lervick Arabians and Dennis Wigren to buy a "black colt that trots" and if I couldnt find that, a National level half Arab hunter.  Well the black colt tht they had advertised for sale was under contract, so I missed that horse, so I asked to try some hunters.  I rode some nice ones, Dennis asked which I like, and I said none-- they are too broke. He trold me that after 20 years off, I needed a well broke horse.  I didnt agree, and told him if he found a young, forward moving horse that was green but sensible, call me.  He did--Codys owner decided to sell, and I bought him in April of 2008.  Our first horse show, he won most of his classes.  And then kept winning right up until he won two Canadian National Top Tens and two US National Top Tens.  In the Amateur hunter 40+ he ws the youngest horse-- the only 4 year old and there were no 5 year olds-- out of about 60-- to compete.  He is a great mover, big, comfortable, and fun to ride.  Cody is a real looker, and could compete in halter as well.  He loves his people. and if you call his name, he will whinney until you come see him.  He hasnt won a national Championship yet though, and thats the next step for him.


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